Nationality     British

Date of Birth  1st January 1949


1954 - 1967 Schools in Adelaide, Australia; London, Selby & Leeds

1967 - 1970 University of Reading; BA Hons, (Fine Art) History of Art

1970 - 1971 DES State Studentship,Courtauld Institute, University of London, MA Nineteenth Century Art Criticism

1971 - 1974 DES Major State Studentship, University of Dublin, Trinity College, PhD: The Artist in 19th Century English Literature

1974 - 1975 Teaching Nineteenth Century English Literature, Trinity College, Dublin

1977 - 1978 Animateuse of the Arts, Leisure and Recreation Department of Education Authority, Fife, Scotland

1978 - 1979 Temporary Lecturer in Fine Art, University of Stirling

1980 - 1981 Temporary Lecturer in English, University of Tamagawa

2000 - 2001 Honorary Fellow, Tokyo National University of Arts

1984 - 2006 Director, Academic Advisory Services

The Artist in 19th Century English Fiction (Colin Smythe; Gerrards Cross; Barnes & Noble, New Jersey, 1979)

Landscape Painting (Phaidon Press, Oxford, 1979)

Robert Louis Stevenson; Treasure Island (Longmans, London, 1980)

Richard Brinsley Sheridan: The School for Scandal (Longmans, London, 1982)

William Congreve: The Way of the World (Longmans, London,1982)

George Farquhar: The Beaux Stratagem (Longmans, London, 1983)

CREATIVITY: Nature and Us. Exploring Green Themes Through the Arts (Bo's Books, Padstow, Cornwall / Amazon, Paperback and Kindle Edition, 2016/17)

Exhibitions (Group)
Europe and Japan

Exhibitions (Solo)
1995 Earth and Space, William Hardy Gallery, Glasgow

1996 Art and Nature, Cultural Centre, Japanese Embassy, Brussels

1997 Landscape: Microcosmic Images, Alliance Française, Dublin

1997, 1998 Landscape: Stillness and Movement, Daiwa Foundation, London

1999 Reflections, National Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh

2000 Reflections, Cultural Centre, Japanese Embassy, Brussels

2011 Roads of Life, Truro College - University of Cornwall

2013 Landscapes for your Imagination, Cumberland Lodge, ‘A House for Ideas’, Windsor

2016 LANDSCAPE earth sea sky, Penwith Gallery, St. Ives

The World’s Who’s Who of Woman (1983)

International Who’s Who of Professional & Business Women (1999)

Fellow (Life), Royal Society of Arts (1997)