seeds cells and skies

roads fields and waves

building and growing

three dimensional games

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A colourful series of interlocking images designed to connect us with nature. Seeds and cells are natural explosions of fire, water and blossom and interact with each other.

Basic energy patterns include grids, circles or spirals. This is true at a cellular level with DNA, metaphysical road’s of life and spiralling galaxies. Such shapes lie at the heart of all creativity whether we are constructing domestic dwellings or envisaging our public spaces.

This body of work has been shown with international organisations including the Japanese Culture Centre, Brussels; the Alliance Française, Dublin; the Diawa Foundation, London; the National Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh, the University of Cornwall, Truro and the Penwith Gallery, St. Ives.

These paintings, hopefully, provide a flexible visual menu. There is something for everyone and a colour range to suit all tastes - fusing elements of realism, surrealism and abstraction. Bo's pictures pinpoint crucial elements for our survival such as a warm sun and fertile fields.

Cultivating the land is essential for our survival, but so is the cultivation of our imaginations as intuitive vision often inspires common sense and practical wisdom.





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